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Industry knowledge, detailed care, and hands-on service are at the core of what Homeland Property Management Group offers to clients. With expert support, we make it easy for property owners to alleviate the stress of being a landlord, for tenants to have a better rental experience, and for investors to build wealth through real estate. Explore our services to learn more about how we can accomplish your goals and put you on a faster path to success.

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Our Company Story

We’re committed to helping owners, investors, and tenants alike have the best possible rental experiences. From simplifying property management to streamlining rental upgrades, we understand the lifeblood of this industry, and we’re equipped to help you make the most of your assets.

Being licensed realtors and having a deep understanding of the housing market equips us to offer a broad range of services. We’re supported by an exceptional in-house staff and an extensive, thoroughly vetted network of repair and maintenance professionals we’ve worked with for years.

Our tenants value the comfort and safety we provide and our investment partners appreciate the forethought we put into every decision we make about their properties. Get in touch with the Homeland Property Management Group team today to start your better property rental experience.

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Meet Our Team

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera

Michael Verdicchio


With a passion for real estate and a keen eye for property potential, Michael Verdicchio stands as the visionary founder and CEO of Homeland Property Management Group. Born and raised in the City of Hackensack, he developed an early fascination with architecture and urban development. This fascination evolved into a lifelong commitment to transforming spaces and ensuring that each property reaches its fullest potential.

Michael’s hands-on experience equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, from property acquisition and development to efficient management and tenant relations.

Driven by the desire to redefine the standards of property management, he took the entrepreneurial leap and founded Homeland Property Management Group.

Vision and Values:

Michael envisions a future where property management goes beyond traditional norms. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, he ensures that Homeland Property Management Group not only meets but exceeds the expectations of property owners and tenants alike.

Personal Touch:

Known for a hands-on approach, Michael is deeply involved in every aspect of Homeland Property Management Group. From personally selecting properties for the portfolio to fostering a culture of open communication within the team, he ensures that the company reflects a personalized touch in an industry often characterized by impersonal transactions.

Future Endeavors:

Michael remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what property management can achieve. With plans for expansion and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, Michael looks forward to creating lasting impressions on the real estate landscape.

In Michaels Words:

“I believe that each property has a story to tell, and it’s our responsibility to narrate it with excellence. HPMG is not just a company; it’s a testament to our commitment to transforming spaces and building communities.”

a woman wearing a purple shirt

Daniella Rodriguez

Vice President of Operations
a woman wearing a purple shirt

Daniella Rodriguez

Vice President of Operations

Daniella Rodriguez is a highly experienced Professional Realtor Associate and Marketing Specialist currently serving as the VP of Operations in the field of property management. With an impressive 18-year track record in the industry, Daniella has forged successful collaborations with Investors and Builders, contributing to the development and management of single-family homes and residential complexes. Her expertise extends to executing effective marketing programs and facilitating seamless real estate transactions.

Bringing over 18 years of dedicated experience to the forefront, Daniella navigates the intricate landscape of property management with finesse. Her strategic vision and meticulous approach have been instrumental in optimizing operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing overall efficiency in property management portfolios.

Throughout her career, Daniella has effectively collaborated with property owners and investors to maximize returns and property value. Her keen eye for detail extends to the financial management of projects, ensuring optimal budgeting and cost-effectiveness in property operations.

What sets Daniella apart is her unwavering commitment to exceptional service and building lasting client relationships. Recognizing the importance of tailored solutions and proactive management, she ensures that properties under her purview not only meet but exceed performance expectations.

As the VP of Operations, Daniella Rodriguez is dedicated to driving operational excellence, embracing innovation, and leading her team to new heights in the ever-evolving landscape of property management.

Kate Verdicchio

Kate Verdicchio

Chief Operating Officer

Kate Verdicchio

Chief Operating Officer

With over two decades of experience, Kate has played a pivotal role in driving financial stability, operational efficiency, and sustainable growth for leading property management firms.

Throughout her career, Kate has consistently demonstrated her ability to navigate complex financial landscapes with precision and foresight. From overseeing financial reporting and compliance to optimizing revenue streams and minimizing expenses, Kate’s strategic insights have been instrumental in driving bottom-line results.

Kate’s keen insights and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in guiding executive decision-making and positioning organizations for long-term success in a rapidly evolving business.

In addition to her astute financial stewardship, Kate is recognized for her unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and collaboration within her teams. She believes in empowering individuals to reach their full potential, cultivating a dynamic environment where diverse perspectives are valued and creativity flourishes.

As the CFO of Homeland Property Management Group, Kate Verdicchio continues to redefine the role of finance in driving strategic decision-making and shaping the future of the organization. With her unwavering commitment to excellence and her visionary leadership, she remains a driving force behind the company’s continued growth and success in today’s dynamic business landscape.


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